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The privacy policy is purposed to help you comprehend how iPak Action Gesellschaft (iPak AG, we, us or our) compile, apply, and divulge the information you give us when you are visiting our Website.


We have the sole discretion to modify the Privacy Policy whenever there is a need to do so. However, all modifications to the Privacy Policy are going to be updated on the Website. The User consents that it is his/her responsibility to visit Website to review modifications that might be made to the Privacy Policy as well as other different documents related to the Website. By continuing to use the Website, you are consenting to any modifications to the Privacy Policy. In case you do not consent to this Privacy Policy, you have to leave the Website as you do not have permission to access and use the Website.

Nature of information that we compile

When you access our Website, you are likely to provide us with two different types of information. The first type of information comprises of personal information while the second type of information comprises of information compiled automatically. Personal information is compiled from intended disclosure and is gather on personal basis while the other type of information is compiled automatically the moment you access our Website or the various services that can be accessed from the Website.

Meaning of personal information

Personal information comprises of information that is complied on voluntary basis and is exclusively used for the purposes that have been clearly articulated on our Website. Thus, personal information implies information that is exclusive to you, for instance:

  1. Your email address
  2. Address to your cryptocurrency wallet
  3. Other type of personal information that you may opt to disclose

By disclosing your Personal information to us, you are giving is a go ahead to compile, hold, apply, and even make available your personal information in compliance with this Privacy Policy. Apart from making available the preceding information, in case you opt to correspond more with us via e-mail or via the ‘contact us’ section available on the Website, we might keep, use, and make available your messages as well as your e-mail address and our interactions.

Information compiled automatically

By using our services accessible online from the Website or when visiting our Website, we automatically compile information from your devices. Specifically, the following is the information that we compile:

  1. Server log data when you happen to use our Website – Among others, this comprises of, specific data and time you accessed the website, the specific pages you have visited, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the amount of time you were on our Website, and the different Websites you accessed prior to accessing our Website and the Websites you access after leaving our Website.
  2. Device Information – We compile information regarding the device or the compute that you use to visit our Website. Precisely, this information comprises of; hardware version, operating system and model, the type of web browser that you used to visit our Website, and various device identifiers.
  3. Telemetry information – In case you happen to use an open source software, we might compile bandwidth upload as well as download speeds, the volumes of free and used disk space on the device and other related device statistics.
  4. Information on usage – In case you happen to use our Website, we are going to compile metadata pertaining the files that you upload for storage and we will keep records on when you keyed in your private key in order to validate communications.
  5. Information complied by Cookies and Various Monitoring Technologies – Ourselves together with service providers apply different technologies to gather information once you interact with the Website comprising cookies as well as web beacons. Cookies can be expounded as tiny data files which are kept on your device when you access a website and they make it possible for us to compile information regarding your gadget identifiers, IP address, the specific web browser that you used to visit the webpage, pages and other website features that you have viewed, amount of time that you happen to be on each of the pages on the website, how the mobile application performs, and any links on the website that you might have clicked. Web beacons comprises of graphic images that are positioned on either the website or email and mainly used to track the movements of a user who is accessing the website or sending an email. They are most of the times used together with the cookies.

Use of information

The information collected will be used for the following purposes:

  1. Offering, maintaining, providing or enhancing our Website or services and products that we offer to our partners
  2. Scrutinizing and monitoring data to establish the practicality or popularity of specific content and to ideally comprehend the online actions of those accessing our website
  3. Offering you detailed information on our products and services
  4. Responding to your questions or any communication from coming from you
  5. Developing novel products or services
  6. Communicating to you technical announcements, help, or management notices
  7. Transmitting news, products, services, events and other information we suppose will be important to you
  8. Matching your data with open data as well as various resources
  9. Supervising and scrutinizing trends, application and involvements in relation to our website
  10. Identifying, analyzing and averting likely fraudulent, unpermitted, or unlawful dealings or activities
  11. Connecting, relating, or integrating information we compile from or about you with different information
  12. Undertaking other purposes or basis for which the information was compiled

Sharing of information

You allow us and we will share information about you in the succeeding situations:

  1. With your agreement or at your direction
  2. With our present or future parent organizations, associates, affiliates and with other businesses that happen to be under common control or ownership with our business or our offices globally
  3. With service providers or other third parties that undertake work for us
  4. Specific information you might opt to share might be displayed to the public, for instance your username, and other content that you happen to post at the time you are using interactive features of our Website for example our online forums
  5. In relation to a merger, assign, or disposal of the company properties, or if we undertake a financing or an engaged with acquisition or any other situation information might be made available; - in reaction to a request for information if we are certain disclosure would be in agreement to, or demanded by, any relevant law, regulation or legal procedure
  6. If we are of the view that your actions fail to comply with our user policies or terms, or to safeguard the rights, property and safety of any parties
  7. With third parties where collective information is made available and cannot be rationally used to identify you

Safeguarding of Personal Information

Will implement necessarily measures to safeguard the security of the information that will be transmitted through our Website. Nevertheless, there doesn’t exist a computer system that is totally fool proof while the internet cannot be considered to be a totally secure means of communication information. Thus, you protect, and we are not responsible for any data that you either submit to us or receive from us via the internet or for any unpermitted access or application of that information we cannot and will not assure that information transmitted by you to us or by us to you is going to be received or that it is not going to be modified prior or after it has been communicated to us. You consent to not hold us or our respective past, present and future workers, officers, managers, suppliers, consultants, investors, venders, service providers, parent firms, agents, affiliates, predecessors, successors and assigns (mutually the “Parties”) responsible for any loss or damage of any nature suffered due to any misuse, interception, adjustment, deletion, damaging or application of information offered through the website.

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You might also choose not to receive promotional communications from us by complying with the guidelines in those transmissions. In case you opt out, there is still the chance for us to send to you communications that are not promotional in any way. Such communications comprise of technical updates, notifications on support, management notifications, or even information related to you account in case you have one.

Third-Party Sites and Hyperlinks

This Website might have links which directs you to other third-party websites that are likely to compile personal data about you through cookies or other technological concepts. In case you are directed to another website, you will be leaving this Website and due to that, this Privacy Policy is not going to be applicable to how you use the other website as well as any activities of these websites. It is your responsibility to understand the privacy policies of these websites as we do not have any control of these websites and can thus not be held responsible for any information that you either submit or compiled through these websites.